Work with a bank and team that knows your pain.

We are MGA and insurance agent operators that needed a wholistic payment and banking solution to fully automate our stack. When we couldn't find one, we decided to build our own.

Our mission

The data to allow for insurance funds to be moved to where they need to go exists, but is siloed in systems and with organizations that cannot interface with payments and banking infrastructure. Our mission is to open up our systems to that data and ingest it to automate the entirety of the insurance dollar journey, from payment of premium to payout of claim and everything in between.

Our vision

Once we solve for payments and funds flow, an entire slate of financial services products becomes possible, with insurance brokers, MGAs and carriers specific needs in mind. Our vision for Turris is to become the go-to bank and payments solution provider for tech-enabled producers and insurers and to help those entities become tech-enabled sooner while offering them the financial services they need to grow and thrive.

Turris is the first digitally enabled banking service for the insurance industry.

“We love solving our own problems as entrepreneurs, and there was no bigger problem we had at our MGA than trying to automate financial operations.”

Douglas Ver Mulm
Sven Gerlach