Combine your licensing and payments workflows

Now carriers and MGAs can quickly onboard and appoint third-party agents, ensure full compliance with each policy sold, and automate all commission payments ... on one system.

Compliance, payments, and more.

We ensure your entire payment and premium fund flow journey is compliant and automated while plugging into your current set of banking, payment, and policy system vendors.

01 - It starts with Compliance

Before a policy is sold, Turris ensures the producer is properly licensed. If there is an issue, we stop the transaction and help fix the issue.

02 - Plug into your current stack

Use our payment platform or plug us into your current payment processor and admin system. We can wrap around some or all of your finops stack.

03 - Communicate

Communicate on our platform with your producer partners to quickly identify and fix issues or make them aware of commission structures and policy changes.

04 - Source of Truth

Localize all commission set ups, producer info, compliance documentation and more so you can easily share with partners and systems.  

05 - Premium Finance

If using our payment system, embed your premium finance into the payments flow to handle initial and ongoing payments.

06 - Automate and Earn

Send on commissions or premium to your partners automatically and earn additional revenue on premium parked in trust.

We work with Insurace Agents, MGAs, and Carriers

On a mission to make insurance payments compliant and efficient.

About Us

As insurance payments increasingly move online, both risks and opportunities emerge. It's easier than ever to allow a producer to sell a policy for which they are not licensed, which can lead to fines or liability for your organization. On the plus side, taking payments digitally allows you to meet your customers where they are and automate the entirety of the premium funds journey. Our mission at Turris is to create compliant and efficient digital payments to protect and optimize your organization.

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