Automated banking built for Insurance

Banking services, payments, and fund flow ops - all in one place.
Supercharged by full access to our APIs.
So you can focus on growing insurance premiums.

Maximum flexibility on payments and funds flows, automated through access to our APIs. Paired with financial services purpose built for insurance brokers, MGAs and carriers.

Bank accounts

Hold your operations and commission funds in accounts you control and earn interest on.


Monetize payments or pass on savings to your customers with modern payment experiences.

Treasury / Lending

Protect funds and boost operating cash with purpose-built financial services for agents/MGAs.

What finance operations problem will you solve with Turris?

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Automate Funds Flow

Use PAS/AMS system generated data to automate payments to producers, carriers, affinity partners or anyone you make regular payments to.

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Payments Revenue Center

Offer discounted service fees to your customers, take a piece of the fees generated to boost revenue or do a bit of both. You have complete control of these fees on our system.

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Funds Available in Hours

Take advantage of our same-day ACH capabilities to pay producers and carriers in real-time or to hold on to funds for extra time to generate additional yield.

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Bank accounts

No more explaining why you need a separate account to hold commission payables. Out of the gate, you receive two linked accounts from Turris for commission and operations needs.

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Parametric Payouts

Connect our payments platform to your parametric claims system and make payouts to your insured's bank account happen nearly instantaneously.

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Treasury Management

Feel safe holding carrier funds in your commission account by accessing our Treasury Management short-duration fixed income ladder.

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Loans and credit

Access lending options that take into account your most valuable intangible assets, insurance premium renewals. Short-term and medium term products coming soon.

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